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M-11 & ISM Injector Sleeve Installation Kit


Tooling works great problem is part numbers on tooling does not correspond with instruction sheet i just looked through the L10 M11 tool kits trying to figure out which tool goes to which model engine numbers i have aren't even listed under L10 or M11

Irontite Response:
Thanks for your Review of our prodcut for Cummin's M-11 & ISM Injector Sleeve Installation.

Complete (xxx-xxxx-xx) Part numbers are listed in instruction manuals. However they are not listed on our tooling as the complete part number.

So longer part numbers are visible in text & invoices which are not stamped on the tooling.

Please just look at the last six digits (xxx-xxxx-xx translates to xxxx-xx which ultimately is xxxxxx) and that will be the tooling part number.

On our Roll In Tools, it may be one number off, because the component part "Arbor" part number will be stamped on the Arbor which is one of the parts that make up the final part number.

As for discussing, L-10 and early M-11 along with M-11 & ISM, these series of tooling are much different.
L-10 & early M-11 are Copper Injector Sleeves
M-11 & ISM are Stainless Steel Injector Sleeves
With Injector Sleeves being of different material, Copper being soft & flexible, are easily machined, Stainless Steel being an exotic alloy, more durable when used with extended life antifreeze, takes more effort to install & machine.

Prior L-10 & early M-11 Kits are no longer available,

You are welcome to call or email our qualified staff with any questions/concerns with part number and/or tooling usage.
Date Added: 12/25/2015 by Archie Hebert
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