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All Weather Seal


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  • Seals Intake and Head Gasket Leaks.

  • Seals Cracks in Cylinder Head and Engine Blocks.

  • Prevents Anti-Freeze seepage through gaskets and hoses.

  • Lubricates Water Pump Seals.

  • Stops Leaks in Cadillac's Northstar Engines.

  • Mixes With All Anti-Freeze.

  • Add Directly to Radiator.

  • Ideal for all weather conditions.



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Hear what our customer have to say . . . .


From:   Ray via email  (4/26/2016)
Just wanted to say that Irontite all weather really works!!!
1997 Ford motorhome V10 head gasket leak, white smoke, all stopped after 20 minutes of running it up, Thank you!
Gilbert at Carquest in Fayetteville, North Carolina says, "I have sold Irontite All Weather Seal for years, my customers ask for it by name because it works!"
Jim at Standard Auto Parts in Winimac, Indiana says, "Irontite has been in the store for the 15 years that I have been here. My Grandfather had a cracked head in a International H Farm Tractor and used All Weather Seal to take care of the problem. It has kept the tractor in the fields for another 10 years. I personally used All Weather Seal in my full size Chevy Pickup on a coolant leakage and one bottle took car of the problem."
Brent at Carquest in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina says, "Irontite All Weather Seal is the toughest stuff I have ever seen! All Weather Seal is used by customers with the Cadillac Northstar Engine to seal up the invisible head gasket leaks they are noted for. I also had a customer use All Weather Seal to fix a leaking head gasket on a 300,000 mile Commercial Van that had blown the top off three radiators before using All Weather Seal. The van is still running today!"
Shawn at Allied Auto Parts in Seneca, PA says, " I had an off road equipment mechanic ask for Irontite All Weather Seal by name. He was working in a limestone quarry on a Caterpillar D-10 Dozer that had a recent engine rebuild but the sleeves were leaking coolant. All Weather Seal took care of the problem and prevented having to tear the engine down. The owner of the dozer came back and bought a case of All Weather Seal for preventative maintenance concerns with their fleet of off road equipment."
Mike at Carquest in Lakeland, Florida says, " I sell more of the Irontite All Weather Seal because it outperforms anything else I have on the self!"
Melanie at JB's Lady Smith Auto Supply in Burnaby, British Columbia says, " I was introduced to All Weather Seal years ago when a Forklift Truck mechanic asked for it by name. He had a head gasket leak with water coming out of the engine between the head and block. One bottle of All Weather Seal took care of the problem and the Forklift is still leak free!"

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One bottle treats up to 6 Gallons.  HD Trucks will require several bottles.

1. If coolant is old, dirty or rusty, we recommend flushing and filling with new coolant. (We recommend Industrial-Strength Irontite Thoro Flush)
2. Shake bottle well.
3. If vehicle does not have a radiator cap, remove top radiator hose and add All Weather Seal directly through hose.
4. Pour All Weather Seal directly into your radiator. DO NOT pour into overflow tank.
5. Replace cap or re-attach radiator hose and tighten clamp.
6. Wipe any excess from cap and radiator neck.
7. Fill radiator and overflow tank with coolant.
8. Start vehicle with heater on high and run engine to full operating temperature. Leaks usually stop in about 2-5 minutes.
9. Drive vehicle as normal. Irontite All Weather Seal will continue to prevent further leaks and lubricate the water pump.
Caution: Avoid Skin or Eye contact.
First Aid: Eyes & Skin - Flush for 15 minutes with cool water. Internal - Take 3-4 glasses of water or milk. Do NOT induce vomiting. Call a physician at once.
Irontite by Kwik-Way Inc.

El Sellador Para Todo Clima funciona con todos los anticongelantes.
No lo agregue al aceite del motor o la transmision.
Un bote alcanza para 6 galones. Los camiones heavy duty requieren varios botes.
Precaucion: deje que el motor se enfrie, despues quite elTapon del radiador o la manguera superior y remuevalo con seguridad.
1. Si el anticongelante es muy viejo, sucio y oxidado, es recomendable drenarlo y rellenarlo con anticongelante nuevo. (recomendamos hacer esto con el producto Irontite tipo industrial
2. Agite bien el bote
3. Si el vehiculo no tiene tapon de radiador, remueva la manguera superior del radiador y agregue el sellador diractamente por la manguera.
4. Vacie completamente todo el bote de sellador en el radiador. No lo agregue al tanque de reserva.
5. Ponga la tapa o bien asegure nuevamente la manguera del radiador y apriete bien.
6. Limpie el exceso que quede en la tapa o manguera.
7. Rellene el radiador y el tanque de reserva con anticongelante a los niveles indicados.
8. Encienda el vehiculo con la calefaccion encendida y mantenga el motor hasta que se caliente. Las fugas normalmente desaparecen en unos 2 a 5 minutos.
9. Maneje el vehiculo normalmente. El sellador evitara que aparezcan nuevas fugas y lubricara la bomba de agua.
Mantengalo fuera del alcance de los niños
Precaucion: evite el contacto con la piel y los ojos Primeros auxilios: ojos y piel - enjuague durante 15 minutos con agua fresca. En caso de haber ingerido tome de 3 a 4 vasos de agua o leche. No induzca el vomito y llame a su medico de inmediato.
Irontite by Kwik-Way Inc.

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