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Thoro Flush


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  • Loosens and removes rust, scale, grease, oil and sludge

  • Works in 15 minutes

  • Cleans auto and heavy duty truck cooling systems
    (1 Pint)

    We have been making and selling our industrial strength Thoro Flush for many years. It is the best commercial grade product for removing all traces of any
    Ethylene Glycol based Radiator Fluid. It removes rust, grease, and sludge to make your engine cooling system perform better. Very expensive repair bills can be avoided by using Thoro Flush at least twice a year. Regular application of Thoro Flush to your automobile helps extend the life of your vehicle, reduces the possibility of a clogged heater core, and helps keep the cooling system fluid flowing through out your vehicles engine and radiator.

    Thoro Flush is a "Must Have" if you are planning to repair a head gasket leak or before using any kind of a cooling system sealant in your vehicle. Using Thoro Flush prior to applying a sealant will insure that all passage ways are free from near obstruction that could cause the sealant to plug an area of the cooling system that you don't want plugged.

    Clogged Heater Cores can be the direct result of NOT using Thoro Flush in your cars cooling system, especially prior to using a sealant.

    If you use additives to your cooling system, your oil, or your gasoline, you should also use Thoro Flush on a regular basis to insure that your cooling system remains in top working condition and is free from any contaminants.

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Our “Industrial Grade” Thoro Flush is superior to any other flush on the market today.  The best automotive cooling system flush.  It's a “ Full Strength Powdered Form ” in the packaged bottle container, requiring on site premixing with water prior to introduction to the cooling system. We do not pre-dilute this product in manufacturing. Many people say it's the best radiator flush you can get.

With standard ethylene glycol based antifreeze, many OEM’s request regularly scheduled maintenance to the cooling system. They require 24, 36 or up to 60 months or 24,000, 36,000 and up to 60,000 miles that the cooling system should be flushed with a cleaner and refilled with fresh coolant. However, this area under the hood is the most neglected area for scheduled maintenance and typically only looked at when a problem arises.

With aging cooling systems, corrosion and erosion take place internally. This contamination of the cooling system causes orifices to get smaller, usually within the heater core area because heater cores generally have the smallest orifices in a cooling system.

When using the perfect cleaner “ Thoro Flush ”, you will open up these passage ways allowing the cooling system to be renewed and “Free Flowing” as it was when it was new.

With today's trends in cooling systems using “Extended Life Coolants”, OEM's recommend checking Ph levels bi-annually because the PH levels could change. When the PH levels change, OEM's recommend Flushing the cooling system and Re-Filling with fresh extended life coolant. Here again, “ Thoro Flush ” is the perfect cleaner for this operation!


One bottle treats up to 6 Gallons. HD Trucks will require several bottles.
CAUTION: ALLOW ENGINE TO COOL so radiator cap or top radiator hose can be removed safely.
1. Pre-mix 1 pint bottle of red THORO-FLUSH powder with 1 gallon of water.
2. Drain 1 gallon of fluid from a full coolant system.
3. If vehicle does not have a radiator cap, remove top radiator hose and add mixture through hose.
4. Pour the mixture into the radiator. DO NOT pour into overflow tank.
5. Replace radiator cap or re-attach radiator hose and tighten clamp.
6. Start vehicle with heater on high and run engine for 10 – 12 minutes.
CAUTION: Thoro-Flush is very powerful. DO NOT EXCEED 12 minutes, or coolant system damage may occur.
7. Stop engine and drain entire coolant system.
8. Flush coolant system with water until the water is clear of red Thoro-Flush.
9. Refill system with Irontite CERAMIC SEAL & water or with Irontite ALL WEATHER SEAL   and anti-freeze.


  1. Always follow OEM recommended procedures for fuel  tank removal and cleaning and fuel pump replacement. 
  2. When the use of cleaning solutions is recommended, Thoro-Flush can be used. 
  3. Pre-mix 1 or 2 pints of Thoro-Flush with 1– 2 gallons of warm water.
  4. Slosh in empty tank for 5 –10 minutes.
  5. Flush the fuel tank with water until the water is clear of red Thoro-Flush solution.
  6. Allow fuel tank to completely dry before the reassembly procedure begins.


Caution: Avoid Skin or Eye contact.
First Aid: Eyes & Skin - Flush for 15 minutes with cool water. Internal - Take 3-4 glasses of water or milk. Do NOT induce vomiting. Call a physician at once.
Irontite by Kwik-Way Inc.


Un bote alcanza para 6 galones. Camiones heavy duty requieren varios botes.
Precaucion: deje que el motor se enfrie y retire el tapon del radiador o la manguera superior del radiador con cuidado.
1. Premezcle 1 bote del polvo rojo Thoro-Flush en un galon de agua.
2. Drene un galon de agua del radiador.
3. Si el vehiculo no tiene tapon de radiador, quite la manguera superior y agregue la mezcla atraves de la manguera.
4. Vacie la mezcla en el radiador. No la ponga en el tanque de reserva.
5. Instale el tapon o la manguera del radiador y apriete bien.
6. Encienda el vehiculo con la calefaccion y dejelo encendido por 10 a 12 minutos.
Precaucion: El Thoro-Flush es muy potente. No exceda de 12 minutos porque puede dañar el sistema de enfriamiento.
7. Apague el motor y vacie todo el contenido de liquido del radiador.
8. Limpie el radiador con agua hasta que el liquido este claro y libre de color del Thoro-Flush.
9. Rellene el radiador con el Sellador Ceramico y agua o con el Sellador Ceramico o el Sellador Para Todo Clima Irontite junto con el anticongelante.
Mantengase fuera del alcance de los niños
Precaucion: evite el contacto con los ojos o la piel. Primeros auxilios: ojos y piel. Enjuague con agua fresca durante 15 minutos. En caso de haberlo ingerido tome de 3 a 4 vasos de agua o leche. No induzca el vomito y llame a su medico inmediatamente.
Irontite by Kwik-Way Inc.




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