Irontite Additives

The Professionals' Choice in Engine and Cooling System Sealers and Additives since 1960!  Irontite additives supplement the crack repair process and provide the #1 Choice in cooling system sealers and flushes by Mechanics and Engine Rebuilding Professionals.

  • All Weather Seal - Our Top Seller
    The Ultimate Fix for Head Gasket & Radiator Leaks. Mixes with Anti-Freeze!
    Emulsifies to stay suspended in your cooling system!
    Very Easy and Quick to use in Cast Iron and Aluminum Blocks!

  • Thoro Flush - Strongest Flush on The Market Today!
    Industrial Strength Radiator and Engine Cleaner!
    A 10 minute Flush that gets the crud out!

  • Ceramic Motor Seal - The Racers Choice
    Ceramic coats your cooling system.
    Seal leaks and cracks in the radiator, head & intake gaskets.
    Seals and Smooths metal porosity improving coolant flow!
    Non-Metalic 15 ingredient formula with a proven history!

Crack Detection & Repair

Irontite developed the cold crack repair system in the 1950's and has set the Industry Standard for Crack Detection and Repair.

The Irontite crack repair system is a cold repair process for filling in cracks in castings by adding metal and moving the metal in the casting to close the crack.

Irontite provides a full line of Tools, Materials and Equipment for the Crack Detection and Repair Process

Diesel Head Repair

When it comes to removing and installing fuel injectorsleeves in Diesel engines, Irontite has the wide range of tools,sleeves and support equipment to do the job efficiently and economically - Irontite Diesel Fuel Injection Repair System

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